Business & Commercial Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Litigation Strategy Built Around Your Business.

We strive to help clients avoid disputes that are costly interruptions to business. If a dispute arises, we assist our clients in exploring and exhausting all non-litigation options, including private settlement negotiations, facilitation, and mediation.

If our clients are forced into litigation, and our clients’ rights must be enforced in court, our attorneys are seasoned, fearless advocates well-versed in all aspects of federal and state civil litigation. While we recognize that litigation is often an interruption to business and an option of last resort for our clients, we enjoy our reputation as savvy, “no-nonsense” litigators, and we are always prepared to represent our clients in adversarial proceedings. Examples of civil litigation in which our business attorneys represent clients include:

  • Breach of Contract Disputes
  • Shareholder or Member Disputes
  • Evictions and Enforcement of Lease Defaults
  • Complex Commercial Litigation
  • Loan Defaults and Consumer Collection
  • Eminent Domain and Condemnation Actions
  • Embezzlement & Conversion
  • Tortious Interference with Contracts
  • Defamation, Slander & Libel
  • Trademark Infringement
  • Collection Practices Act Disputes
  • Insurance Litigation and Declaratory Actions
  • Condominium and Homeowners Association Disputes
  • Employment Disputes

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