Construction Law

Our community continues to grow and develop at an impressive pace. Our firm has represented contractors, subcontractors, homeowners, business owners, developers, engineers, architects, lenders, and investors in all sizes of construction and development projects, as well as in dispute resolution or litigation that too often results from such projects.

For large construction projects, bringing a construction project from the initial stages of development and planning through funding, due diligence, permitting, site mobilization and construction, and finally to site closure and completion requires careful planning and efficient dispute resolution throughout the project. Regardless of your role in the project, our attorneys can help make the project and your involvement a success.

For smaller construction projects such as new construction to roofing jobs, commercial lease buildouts, landscaping, residential remodels, we can help prepare or revise agreements to protect you and reduce uncertainty and conflict to make your projects a success.

  • Owners Representation
  • General Contractor Representation
  • Contract Drafting & Negotiation
  • Construction Disputes & Litigation


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