Formation & Governance of Limited Liability Company, Corporations, and Partnerships

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Entity formation and maintenance is not just paperwork. No matter the size or purpose of your venture, appropriately structuring your company involves strategy and planning that will affect virtually every aspect of your business. Whether you are a small, family-owned operation with the goal of supporting several generations or a dynamic start-up seeking to build transferrable value as quickly as possible, our attorneys can help you take the right steps to achieve the goals of your business.

The selection, creating, and maintenance of the form of entity that best suits your business requires consideration of many factors. Foresight and comprehensive planning will help your business operate as efficiently and effectively as possible while maximizing the value, flexibility, and stability of your company. We can help you select the right type of entity when launching your business, and we can help restructure your organization if your business has changed or evolved in a way that calls for rethinking your structure.

Once your business is structured, it is critical to have the discipline within your organization to follow the procedures and best practices to maximize the value of the structure you have chosen. Our attorneys can help you maintain those best practices in record-keeping, management and governance, employment practices, contract drafting and compliance, succession planning, and dispute resolution. We value long-term relationships with clients who share our belief that discipline and commitment to excellence is critical to the ability of a business to be a stable source of livelihood for its owners, its employees, its customers, and its partners.

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