Mergers & Acquisitions of Closely Held Companies

Representing both buyers and sellers of private, closely held companies has been a staple practice area of our firm for generations. We help clients structure transactions that leads to value for all parties so that businesses can continue to thrive under new ownership and the individuals who helped build those businesses can enjoy the rewards of their labor, vision, and entrepreneurial courage.

For a business owner who would like to sell their enterprise, arriving at negotiations with your business in good form to breeze through due diligence and valuation is vital to the successful sale of a business. If it is time to sell your business, our work begins with preparing your business to maximize its value to potential buyers.

For a buyer of a business, it is critical that the transaction be structured in a way that preserves the value of the business being purchased. Our attorneys have a seasoned understanding of business operations, entity structure, taxation, and finance to ensure that you acquire a business on terms that will allow you to operate the business successfully.

Whether we are representing buyers, sellers, or a business merging with another, it is our goal to provide the commercial parties with guidance and framework to efficiently negotiate a deal before the legal teams get to work accurately papering the deal cut by the clients. Our firm does not lose sight of the attorney’s role: helping clients close on a deal with a full understanding of the risks that the client is taking on as part of a transaction. While clients rely on attorneys to identify and explain the risks involved with a proposed venture, the decision of whether to take those risks or not belongs to entrepreneurs.

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