Dental Practice Transactions

Carefully Protecting Your Career or Your Retirement

When buying or selling a dental practice there are four important considerations when looking for representation to help you make a deal: cost effective representation, closing the deal, protecting your interests, and ongoing assistance after closing.

The attorneys at Lennon Miller PLC want to ensure that you have the best representation, which includes handling your deal in a way that makes financial sense. Too often when attorneys get involved a deal dies while fees continue to accumulate. We understand the importance of closing your deal and our fee structure reflects this.

In your search to buy or sell a practice, you have likely run into a dental practice transition company. These transition companies promise an effective process. However, since they only get paid from the proceeds of the deal, they are incentivized to prioritize closing over the protection of your interests. As attorneys we are bound by our ethical duties to always protect your interest. Further, transition companies disappear after the deal is done. With Lennon Miller PLC you will always have an attorney in your corner to deal with anything that might arise even after closing.

For many dental practice transitions, Dual Representation is an option which makes the most economic sense. If the parties agree, our team here at Lennon Miller PLC can provide you with a terms sheet which will help guide the parties through the negotiation process. After you determine the terms of the deal, our team can draw up the necessary documents to memorialize the agreement and close the deal.

  • Seller Representation
  • Buyer Representation
  • Dual Representation
  • Regulatory Investigation Representation
  • Professional Liability Litigation


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