Contract Drafting, Negotiations, & Disputes

Comprehensive Foresight and Analysis

Our goal for our clients is to help them negotiate and close successful, stable deals. When requested, we provide the commercial parties with guidance and framework for negotiating the essential terms of an agreement so that the respective legal teams can efficiently and cost-effectively prepare a contract that reflects and preserves the agreement reached by the clients. Eliminating as much uncertainty as possible and comprehensively considering the mechanics of the contract are critical to successfully papering a deal. Our attorneys bring a broad and in-depth understanding of commercial agreements to help our clients operate their business with stability and certainty.

To draft a successful, effective contract, it is critical to understand how contracts are enforced if one party does not comply. For that reason, we often tell clients, “All contracts are cut in the shadow of litigation.” Our business attorneys know from experience that litigation is not part of most business plans. We work to draft clear, detailed agreements in order to avoid confusion and opportunism that may lead to disputes and litigation. Examples of agreements our firm can help you prepare include:

  • Loan agreements
  • Investment agreements
  • Purchase or sale contracts
  • Asset purchase agreements
  • Stock Purchase agreements
  • Membership transfer agreements
  • Limited Liability Company Agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Construction contracts or subcontracts
  • Real estate purchases or lease agreements
  • Residential, commercial, or industrial leases
  • License transfer agreements
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Bylaws or operating agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Release or Liability Waiver Agreements
  • Service contracts
  • Supply contracts
  • Feedstock agreements
  • Offtake agreements
  • Intellectual property licensing and use agreements
  • Franchise agreements
  • Settlement agreements

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