Family Law

Our Family Law Attorneys Represent Clients in Marriage, Divorce, Custody, Paternity, and More

Family Law can often be complicated, and with almost 30 years of combined experience representing spouses, parents, grandparents, and families, Gail Towne and Angie Bailey-Hobbs embody our family law team at Lennon Miller.

Family Law is about the relationships between one adult and another, between parents and children, and between siblings. Our clients present problems involving marriage, divorce, paternity, contractual agreements, child custody, child support, relocation of a child, adoption, probate, guardianships, adoptions, elder law, and estate planning; and our team is dedicated to resolving those problems.

Both long-standing residents of Southwest Michigan, Gail and Angie are committed to the belief that family law cases should be decided by and between the families with the assistance and advocacy of knowledgeable, compassionate family law counsel. Because Gail and Angie know that divorce and family law matters create a high level of fear and uncertainty; and are often stressful and emotionally draining, Gail and Angie have developed a unique style of practice that sometimes includes use of their network of other professionals and resources to assist in resolving family law issues. Not only are they experienced and skilled litigators, but Gail is also trained and experienced in a variety of alternative dispute resolution processes, such as mediation and collaborative law.

As part of their practice, Gail and Angie are skilled experts at handling the following matters either in the courtroom setting, or utilizing alternative dispute resolution processes:

  • Divorce, including contested and uncontested matters
  • Complex Asset Division
  • Child Custody
  • Parenting Time
  • Child and Spousal Support
  • Collaborative Divorce
  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements
  • Adoption and Stepparent Adoption
  • Paternity
  • Change of Domicile
  • Minor Guardianship
  • Facilitation & Mediation

Family Law Attorneys:

Lennon, Miller, Taylor & Bartosiewicz