Church Law

Protect Your Church With Our Church Law Attorneys

The Church Law attorneys at Lennon Miller PLC are experienced and devoted people of faith. We have a history of representing churches of many denominations in all the areas of law that churches encounter. From property tax issues to pastor or parishioner misconduct, boundary issues with neighbors, the purchase and sale of real estate, employment problems, and contracts, we have addressed nearly every issue. With specific connections to the United Methodist Church, we also provide advice on ecclesiastical issues and interpretations of the Church’s specific rules.

We know that it is rarely one of the better days for a church when they need to contact their attorney. However, we take pride in being prompt in our response and thorough in our efforts to advise our church clients through the issues they face whether they are straight-forward or complex.

  • Property Issues
  • Tax Issues
  • Affiliations and Litigation


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