First-party automobile defense from Lennon Miller

Michigan’s auto no-fault laws are subject to frequent large-scale changes that have profound effects on our clients’ business statewide. Our clients are increasingly faced with fraudulent claims and more complex requirements for adjusting claims. We support our clients not only with a high level of experience litigating claims in Michigan’s trial courts, but also with a cutting-edge understanding of the latest changes to the no-fault law. Our clients trust us to assist them with building state-wide litigation strategies to pursue favorable appellate decisions to improve and clarify the litigation landscape for no-fault insurers in Michigan.

We represent and counsel our clients in all varieties of no-fault disputes, including the following:

  • Claims for Personal Protection Insurance Benefits
  • Claims for Property Protection Insurance Benefits
  • Coverage and Priority Disputes
  • Subrogation Claims Against Out-of-State Tort Litigation Recoveries
  • Subrogation Claims Against Uninsured Drivers and Operators
  • “Balance Billing” Disputes
  • Reasonable and Customary Charge Disputes
  • Providers Suits and Medicare Secondary Payer Act Claims
  • Bus and Public Transportation Claims

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